Sunday 3 March 2013

Stitching News

Trumpets at the ready, it's time for a finishing fanfare... Toot toot toot
Merrily Meryl finished quilting her Jig-Saw quilt, if you remember a few weeks ago she  made a cushion with the same design... the Jig-Saw 'nipples' for want of a better words, were sewn into each seam before Merrily machine stitched them down... a cunning idea!
This is the backing of Merrily Meryl's Jig-Saw quilt, I really should say play mat, what a rebel I am!... Always a great idea to make kiddy quilts double sided. Merrily appliqued the crayon points using the same method she used for the 'nipples' on the front... Oooooer Missis!
Dotty Maureen finished this kiddy play mat too... toot toot toot... I'm not yet sure why she made it blurred though.tee hee. Dotty's quilt has lovely backing too, she's  appliqu├ęd the name of the lucky little baby who will receive this quilt... "once it's been through the wash", said Dotty.
This quilt can have a little tootettytoot, not too loud, as Barbie ran out of time ... she stitched like a mad woman all day trying to get it finished... it was quite an achievement to get all the quilting finished actually. Barbie only needs to trim the crusts off and bind the whole thing... by hand! Her machine isn't prepared to help her any more... temperamental thing it is!

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