Thursday 7 March 2013

Stitching News

Annette finished all the quilting on her Railfence Table Runner.  She skilfully trimmed the crusts off, made binding and stitched it to the quilt... homework? Oh Yes... hand stitching. This quilt was Annette's first, it's a great design for learning all the basic skills and a lot of tips.  
Chris The Foot has been joining her blocks together with Moda Marble Black sashing... clever Mr. Black strikes again... he does a great job of making all the other colours pop, like turning the light on.
Helen had a dilemma... She decided, a while ago, to cut some of her blocks through diagonally, thanks to an idea from Dotty. As you can see... she, Helen, made great progress. One day, Helen mistakenly trimmed her Framed Square blocks to size BEFORE cutting them and stitching diagonally... oh no! They turned out too small to fit the other blocks... the centre, as you see in the picture was already done, what could she do... superb fudging might be needed?... a coping strip followed by a circuit of trimmed blocks and?... a coping strip... sounding complicated so I'll just show you next time.
Marilla came to one of the Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope workshops last year. Recently she finished piecing all of the blocks and has started to stitch the sashing and corner stones in place. All of Marilla's work is hand stitched, it's beautifully done too.
Ta-dahhh... Sally had begun to think she would never get these blocks sewn together, so she was extremely happy to have this quilt centre finished. Now she can leave it on one side while she makes her 'piano key' borders.

This picture, and the one following are both to show you Lacey Ann's latest project.
It all started with the little quilt you see, framed with red fabric... a little sampler quilt in fact.
Over time, quite a lot of time, Ann has added a border or two, or three? I'm counting 10 actually, the last one being a semolina border! Absolutely fabulous isn't it. It's all been pieced in the Lacey Ann way... "of course it will fit"... "of course I can do that"... "measure it? what for?" very much PMS (Pleasing My Self) it's a huge quilt now.
PM Pam came to play... there are so many tables at Caverswall Village Hall and they're very inviting to make sandwiches on, especially with the larger quilts... so Pam did just that. She made a good start on her quilting too.
Just Edna only had time to pop in to show us her finished Kaleidoscope quilt top... her caravanning season is arriving any day now... I do love to see the stacked and whacked fabric used in the borders, don't you? A stunning quilt indeed... the next Stack-n-Whack Workshop is scheduled for Autumn, I'll post details soon.

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