Sunday 10 March 2013

First Anniversary Flop?

Did you rush and click to see what happened yesterday when you read the title I chose for this after the event post?... It could have been rife with scandal couldn't it?? but no scandal... The Anniversary party was a hoot. With the help of the absolutely fabulous "J Team" (Jenny Barlaston, Jean Bean, Jolly Jo) with all the preparation and their 'hands on assistance' all day, everything ran like clockwork. Lots of people came with good wishes and congratulations in hopes of many more fun filled years to come. 
Thank you all for the good wishes, the gifts and the plonk that arrived by one means and another during the day... it's very touching knowing that I have so much great support from so many lovely people... It is only because of you all that "Angie's Patchwork & Quilting Shop" is so very successful.

A photo taken before the fun started...
Huge Thanks to all of the lovely ladies who
baked a splendid selection 
of delicious cakes
 and to Rose, who made an 
extremely special
Patchwork Anniversary Cake,
Thank you ladies.

Unfortunately I was the flop, hit by a tummy bug on Friday, peaking Friday night... I was like a 'Wet Lettuce' all day on Saturday... I soldiered on through it all!!! ha ha ha... there's nothing like a cake filled party when you have a tummy upset!!!
Here's to another fun filled year eh!!!!

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