Monday 25 March 2013

Tooting A Brand New, Antique Quit?

Helen finished her Hexagon quilt... toot toot toot!
It's not just Helen's Hexagon quilt though, she didn't piece all of those beautiful Hexagons... you would know that if you could see it up close and personal... they're all hand pieced... Helen absolutely doesn't do hand sewing. Lucky for us that her grandmother did.
Helen remembers her Grandmother stitching away when she was still in Primary school, so the hexagon quilt top must be about 30 or so years old, that's the antique bit... A modern antique...
The brand new?... is the backing, wadding and the quilting. Over a year ago, Helen decided to remove the sheeting her grandmother has used  to back this beauty, no wadding of any kind and, to re-sandwich it and free motion quilt all over it.
I hope you can see the lovely quilting... all this quilt needs now is a label telling it's story and it will be finished, good and proper.

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