Saturday 23 March 2013

Would You Like To See... ?

Would you like to see a few pictures of My Very Own Patchwork And Quilting Shop that I am so very very very proud of?... I would very much like to show them to you...
Can you see the bunting? The best bunting in the world!
I'm leaving the bunting up for another week, wouldn't you like to come over to see it for your very own self?
Another angle... it's difficult to get a picture of the whole shop when it's full of shelves full of beautiful fabric... yeeee hah!!
Some of the beautiful blues... I love my shop!!!
Would you like to help me? I'm trying to choose a picture to use in a very important advert space that I purchased recently... Which one do you think I should use? 1, 2 or 3


Stephanie said...

number one :-)

Cathy1946 said...

Choose the first picture with the bunting up, it sums up everything about quilting - fabric, sewing, people and a wonderful shop to browse in at your leisure and a knowledgable, patient and most helpful proprietor - Angie. You could not ask for anything more.
Chatty Cathy

Sheila said...

They are all great images, but I really like number 1! Your shop is beautiful.

lynbob said...

It would have to be number 1 for me. I have never been to your shop but this gives an idea of size of your shop and the amount and type of stock you carry. Makes me want to visit!

Quinta da Quilter said...

It really is stunning!! Wish we were closer!!