Friday 29 March 2013

Camera Practice

My new camera leaves me pining for the broken one... have a look for your very own self.... grainy pictures. The subject of the photos is spectacular... I know that, he he he... New camera has had it's settings altered now. Will try new settings tomorrow with fingers crossed. I looked around for things to take pictures of.... here you go, it's just a bit like an advert!
Such a beautiful display of colour and perfect light...
 I'm guessing that you'll agree?

I have the full range of King Tut and Superior Rainbow thread. Full range of variegated YLI. Full range of Presencia 100m x 50 weight, 600m x 60 weight lots of 125g cones of piecing thread, 60 weight and I am expecting a new display from Metler, ordered in February and seems to be lost in the post!
Just a few of my Batiks, I love every one!
A selection from the shelves in my shop
More fabrics including the delicious Art Gallery Fabrics...
you can feel the difference!
These shelves change regularly, beautiful and bright this week.

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Unknown said...

Angie, your shop is looking amazing! I really must get some time to come over and peruse...just need some money and a babysitter (it's half term AGAIN!). I don't know where my life is going at the moment.