Tuesday 5 March 2013

Toot Toot, I bet You Smile

Mostly, all quilts are lovely. Some leave you puzzled for one reason and another. Lots of quilts will make you smile. Some make you want them... really badly!!
 Did you see how one of the ducks is a little Uglier than the others? 
Wouldn't that make a lovely story?
There are those quilts that just make you smile, pleasure-abubbley sigh, ooooh, ahhhh... AND want them!!
 Princess Jackie's Duckling quilt  does just those things to everyone who sees them... don't you agree?
It's a pattern from the book, Cuddle Me Quick... I sell the book in my very own quilt shop... (I have loads of books on my book spinners, I love books) and I know we will see this cutest of cute quilts made over and over again. Jackie quilted it beautifully, I'm sure you spotted that though.

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