Friday 29 March 2013

Thank You Wendy

Today's post has photos... thank goodness because the posts were getting very wordy... delivered to my inbox by Wendy, both pictures were taken during our Caverswall Quilt Cave meeting on Wednesday.  Apparently I have spoiled the breakfast coffee time of many ladies who love to read my blog to see what folk have been making... what a great way to start your day! ha ha ha 
Marilla finished her absoluuuutely stunning Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt top. This one has been hand stitched, every inch, even those lovely long border strips. The fabric in the outer borders is the very one that was cut up, stacked and whacked to make those amazing blocks.
Sally also finished her quilt top, see how she used log cabin blocks for the corner stones? Looks fabulous doesn't it. It's quite a large project and Sally has several pieces of fabric left over... not a problem as we played with them... wait 'til you see the brilliant backing we invented!

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