Sunday, 27 April 2014

My Coiled Bucket

I took my fabric wrapped, coil pot, that's more like a bucket, to sit on the SPQ stand for the weekend of Uttoxeter Quilt Show... I thought it would look fun... boy did we ever have a lot of interest in it... here's a few photos I found of when I was making my bucket... in 2009

I didn't have a plan, I just wanted to see whether I could do it.
This 'fabric bucket' used the 30 metres of cording and a drawer full of  strips
My holiday week is over and life returns to normal tomorrow. Classes resume too at Angie's very clean, very own, Patchwork and Quilting Shop in sunny Cheadle, Staffordshire.
I do hope that you didn't miss my blogging too much... I have been way too busy including moving house, but not mine... no quilty photos to share at all.


SandyQuilts said...

Love it.

Dottymo said...

Holiday moving home and pictures a fantastic bucket, no water allowed.
Glad you can go back to work for a rest.
Can I say to ALL LADIES, your quilts at the show looked amazing and a delightful.

Congratulations Shirley.

Liz2B said...

Could you please tell us how to make the cording to make the bucket.It looks really great. thank you. liz

Angie said...

you just wrap fabric strips round washing line or string or guy rope... anything that you can sew really