Saturday, 19 April 2014

Stitching News With Tooting

Let's start with a round of tooting for the fabulous and finished quilts...
Toot toot toot for Morning Judith's lovely little quilt.
It's a small wall hanging with each of those little yacht blocks measuring only about 3 inches. They are foundation paper pieced. Judith purchased the pattern at the Festival Of Quilts last year. 
If you would like to learn how to 'paper piece', there's a workshop on the 10th May with the lovely Jenny Barlaston.

Caron finished her beginner project, the marvellous Railfence table runner, a short while ago but she went on her jolly holidays before we got to take a picture of it for our toot toot tooting. The festive theme reminds me that our new Sewing prevention season fabric is on it's way!!
Merrily has started another one of her original quilts for gifting. This time it's for a grandson and, as you can probably guess, he wears glasses and has done so all his life, so the fabric for this block centre was a must. We shall get to know more about this fellow as Merrily's blocks are made
Di Butterfly was able to lay out her blocks to decided how many more units she needs. We calculated that four more of each should do the trick. Each part has a label to help Di make sense of it all at home... Most of us need to do that eh!
As Caron had finished her table runner , she was able to start something new. A tote bag can be very useful (I should sat extreeeeemly useful as I use several every day!) It's a most fabulous way to use a Charm Pack as you get to show all those beautiful fabrics off to the world as you carry it round! There's a workshop coming up soon if you would like to make one for your very own self!
Now it's probably a good idea for me to remind you that We have decided to keep my very own Quilt Shop closed for one whole week from Monday 21st April... so, we are open today, Satuday 19th April but then closed until we re-open with a 'back to normal' approach on Monday 28th of April.
We will not be closing for the next Bank Holiday on May 5th we will be open as normal... I'm thinking of planning something... be warned, I think a lot and I plan a lot... lets see whether it works... that doesn't happen a lot!!!

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What a lot of beautiful new quilts and what a lot of lots of lots.