Thursday, 3 April 2014

Stitching News

Joan The Shop completed block number 2 of the Snowman Collector Quilt. All 12 of the patterns are available in my very own Quilt Shop... just so you know... if you're thinking... "Wow that's cute, I want to make it too" he he he.
Don't you love that red circle-y fabric? I do
This is number three... Joan spent her Caverswall Quilt Cave day tracing all the bits, planning fabrics, sticking them to the Heat And Bond and cutting them out.
Chatty Cathy had attended Dotty's Lone Star workshop recently but wanted to finish off another project before getting it out again. She's making this star as a sample and test ready for a much bigger plan.
Just Edna has been making Mile-A-Minute blocks for a while and fully intends to continue making them, sort of 'willy-nilly'...
 we can come up with quilty  plan another day
Chris The Foot saw our quilt made from a panel but wanted hers to be a larger quilt... so she purchased two panels with a little extra fabric. One panel was cut up and will be used in the borders as 15 squares made it just right.
Kate's Dresden Plate borders are taking shape nicely. Each border will be quilted before it is stitched to the already finished, quilt centre... apartment-ly.

Mystery Margaret is making the cutest little baby quilts
(well.. that is exactly what they are!)
She's using shirts... what a fabulous idea... see how the shirt back will just about do for the back of the quilt... 

Here's another of Mystery Margaret's shirt quilts, almost finished... 

Arty Beryl made this cute-etty cute little apron for her grand daughter.
All in patchwork with a very handy little front pocket...
it's fabulous and finished toot toot toot Arty Beryl

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