Saturday, 12 April 2014

Stitching News

Jeanette hand pieces... beautifully and rather quickly!
 You might well think that she made this quilt from her stash at home... but no, each time she comes to play in my very own quilt shop she picks up a few "Quilters Quarters" I never thought to call them that... so her collection continues to grow... 
This is the back of Jeanette's quilt... though for ease and speed she did bring her sewing machine to piece these large squares. A sandwich was made and the hand quilting began... you can just see the stitches in the centre pink fabric.

Jeannette, they are spelt differently as it's another lady... she's rather hooked on the Feathered Stars. POW and WOW... There will be three of them used to make the centre of a rather stunning bed quilt. Jeannette is considering apartment quilting this one.

Michelle My Belle had a tricky start to putting her blocks together... just two of her 40 odd strips had been cut a quarter inch too big... which two did she pick up to start with? On top of that the naughty pattern had an incorrect size for the HST (Half Square Triangle) unit. It took a while but we figured it out eventually, then all these blocks were made... licketty-split and beautifully accurately!

Josie purchased a new pattern from the craft show at the NEC recently... she wanted to make her little dog look like a Jack Russell. She has a lot of appliqué stitching to do for homework, and tracing all those little rustic looking hearts will keep her busy too.
This is another project made by the hands of Jeanette...
What a clever lady!

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