Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fabulous, Finished & Flowers?

Princess Jackie finished her Hunter's Star quilt. toot toot toot!
She says she's on a finishing spree... after realising that she was running the risk of being a "Topper"... with a small pile of "These JUST need quilting" projects getting higher...
Are you a 'Topper'? 
This is the back of Jackie's quilt with the lovely daisy detail... you can see the quilting very well and I hope you noticed the daisies in each corner, Jackie says she does free motion with her walking foot... and if that makes her happy there's no problem... you know we promote PMS (Pleasing My Self)
New Sue finished her Sweet Sixteen quilt with time to spare! 16-Patch blocks with 16 different fabrics to be gifted for Sue's grand daughter when she turns 16... an idea she conjured up all be her very own self, and one I am sure we will see again... I'm just thinking about those birthdays with higher numbers, "Sweet Sixty" quilts... sixty different fabrics... could be very lucrative for my very own quilt shop eh! ha ha ha
And this is the back of Sue's quilt so you can see the quilting.
 It's a great way of quilting larger projects because it's all done diagonally making it much more manageable in the machine hole
Toot toot toot Sue, it's fabulous!
Jean Bean had a finish too... it was a basket arrangement though, not a quilt! If you've ever been to my lovely little quilt shop you must have noticed all the flowers on your arrival. People stop to admire them every day. There were lots of floral requests during the last year so, this year Jean is taking orders.
 This  beautiful basket fulfils her first commission! 

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