Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Visitors Show And Tell

Stephanie Iceland popped in during our morning session to show her latest fabulous project. She's making this quilt as part of a fundraising event for the shop, Iceland. The staff hold a raffle every year around this time. What a lovely lady to make such a fabulous raffle prize.
Mrs Lady From Derby and her trusty sidekick, Mr Man From Derby, came to visit with their fun and fabulous waistcoats... isn't he a good sport, he proudly wears patchwork and loves all the attention it brings... he doesn't do patchwork himself... but he does do beautiful cross-stitch
This is the back of Mrs Lady From Derby's waistcoat... ladybird buttons and all! Fun and fabulous!
Don't tell Mrs Daughter from Derby about her parents' impromptu visit to my very own quilt shop with it's very own  fabric sale... she didn't know they were coming!
A token gift, not bribery for silence I'm sure... 
Mrs Lady From Derby gave me one of her super-cute pin cushions, made from the book called 'Super Cute Pincushions' by Kate Haxell. She's made lots of them for a fundraising event she's involved with... very kind lady!


Sue Wild said...

You have some very clever ladies, thanks for the show and tell. I like the grey fabric with the ironing boards that the pin cushion is on. Do you sell that in your shop?

Angie said...

I do have the fabric, but there isn't much left, maybe one metre or so.
There's a lovely stripe that goes with it too.