Monday, 30 June 2014

Stitching News

Morning Judith not only finished her quilt top but she's sandwiched and quilted it already. Judith had very much liked the flowers that Barbie appliquéd for her quilt so, she wanted to stitch them too.
 A completely different setting though, lovely.
Brenda Barbara was joining lots of six inch squares together. She's making a scarecrow for an event coming soon to Caverswall... I'm thinking it will be a blooming large Scarecrow if that's the quilted skirt! Brenda's in cahoots with Sheila... there'll be a hat too.
While Brenda was doing all the work, by her very own self, for the Scarecrow (Yes I did notice Sheila!) Sheila went shopping in my Beautiful Batik selection. She wants to continue with the Quilt-As-You-Go and Apartment joining project that she started at a recent workshop, taught by my very own self in my lovely little quilt shop in Cheadle!! Oh no... there I go again!!! advertising... tut tut tut
Caron wanted to learn something new.
What better than the instant satisfaction given by the 10 Minute Blocks?
She chose fabulous fabrics and got straight to it...
Caron made four lovely, 25 minute blocks... he he he
Josie, while working on tens of projects all at the very same time, wanted to make blocks to frame this panel... she's not sure where it came from having found it in her craft stash. Four Patch units worked very well... for the first border at least.
Dilly wanted a little rest from complex piecing and the accuracy needed for those Feathered Stars so, she started, quilted and finished making a simple cushion WITH A ZIP!! There's a lucky grandson waiting for this cushion and another that needed a few more minutes to finish.
Jean Bean has done us proud again with this year's floral display.
Every day they get taller and every day more flowers appear...
 it's very exciting watching the flowers open...
there're strawberries in there too, yummy.

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