Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Stitching News

Rose made this quilt with an old, and much treasured, Sari. Originally it was about 4 miles long, and I only exaggerate slightly. Before Rose 'chopped' it up she showed us how much work went into actually wearing all the miles, very interesting it was too... So now it is a fabulous and finished quilt, toot toot toot and two matching cushions are almost finished too. 
Giggly Gillian finished all of her hand appliqué, added borders and made a sandwich. She's going to hand quilt around the leaves but the trunk and the 'In The Ditch' quilting of the border will be machined... We very much encourage PMS (Pleasing My Self)... she wants to mix the two technics so she jolly well will, wooohooo!! 
My Lilly came to stay to help me while I have a flipper out of action.
Meanwhile she made this fabulous tote bag and once that was finished...
Lilly moved on to this project...
 her very own Skeleton panel to accompany this...
  Dia De Los Muertos 
Lilly learned about the tradition when we lived in Mexico and she's always loved the colourful celebration.
So, now we have seen four very different ideas for using the Smart fellow.
Giggly Gillian brought in her finished teddy, named Susie.
Made at the workshop recently, taught by the lovely New Sue.
Toot toot toot Gillian, a fabulous finish!
We have been full to capacity in classes for the last two days so there wasn't time to snap photos... rest assured, production is up, machines have been buzzing, for both quilting and perfect patchwork, full speed ahead! You will have to stay in suspense for the next posts... worth waiting for though eh!

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