Friday, 25 July 2014

Stitching News

Gail finished her quilting with a little, fancy swirl or two on the borders.
 She trimmed her 'crusts' off (it is a sandwich after all) and got the binding stitched on... just a little hand stitching to do now. I'm guessing that we should be polishing our trumpets for a little tooting next week
Princess Jackie also finished quilting during her class day.
 She had decided to stitch round the beautiful silk appliqué detail. Once done, she trimmed off crusts and added her binding. Another tooting time coming up.
Giggly Gillian says she is on a roll... a cushion roll to be more precise!
She's making me have cushion envy too.
This particular one has been made from Gillian's stash of left over fabrics and is quilted with circles... can you see them? Fabulous.
Shirley Lerly started a new project... the one you see there, from Joan The Shop's book, Flower Show Quilts. Joan's Poppy quilt is hanging on my classroom wall and has inspired many to try appliqué.
This is Princess Jackie's...
you may well be thinking it is a quilt top...
but it is Jackie's Pineapple Blossom quilt backing.
We love pieced backings and this one is... fabulous

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