Thursday, 3 July 2014

Stitching News

At the end of our class day we pushed a few extra tables together and had a 'Sandwich Saturday'... it's only Tuesday... but it's my very own shop so I can practice what I preach... PMS (pleasing My Self) so I did, to help the ladies get on. Princess Jackie made her rather lovely, Log Quilt top into a sandwich ready for quilting... there's a lot of work in those borders but boy do they look fabulous!
Gail also took advantage of the situation and sandwiched her wonderful work.
This is not a good picture at all but I'm hoping you can see the beautiful backing Gail made to co-ordinate with her lovely front... so to speak! The lovely pink and black rose fabric was in my sale trolley and was perfect for the job at a great price. Gail needed the rest of the bolt so, she took an extra 10% off the cost... a brilliant bonus! I love the Railfence with HST's
I wanted to show you PM Pam's progress with her Skeleton quilt top...
I love it! I might do exactly the same with the two panels I have for my couplakiddos. Pam called in for a little more fabric so we had a sneak preview
So simple and perfectly perfect... especially the red detail.
Rose made this cushion top to co-ordinate with her lap quilt. A little clever cutting meant she used up lots of bits to make the blocks...  you would never know.... actually... don't tell anyone, keep it between you and my very good self eh?
Rose is making Flying Geese units to make her quilt backing... very much influenced by the backing Gail made for her Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt, the one in the previous post. Rose's using the very same method as Gail for making her Flying Geese ... you can see the print out at the top of the picture
Fran Cup Cake has had this panel bugging her for a while so she decided to "Get Her Done" It only needed two border strips... another sandwich was made. This smaller size though, doesn't need any extra tables so it was made during the morning session. Now Fran can quilt it.

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