Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Fabulous Finishes

Jeannette Dilly finished her perfectly purple quilt.
The pattern, called 
Raspberry Swirl, is from a magazine, they made it in ice-cream-pink and chocolatey colours and it's been a very popular pattern.
Jeannette's quilt is larger as she added a few extra borders... 
Here's the back... we love pieced backings!!
It's fabulous and finished toot toot toot
Morning Judith finished her toot-a-bubbly fabulous Skeleton quilt
Isn't he a smart fellow. He's about to be gifted to a lucky young lad.
Morning Judith found this carrier bag saver pattern on-line and saved it in her head... clever that! The pattern stated that it could be made within an hour so Judith put it to the test! 3 hours later it was finished...
Maybe the first one takes a little longer then?

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