Monday, 1 September 2014

September... Just In Time

What a busy time it's been around here... I've had a wonderful time playing in my Quilty Quarters, you should see the mess I've made in there though! but...  I can safely assure you that 'September' is done, complete, quilted with hanging loops and all. The last moment of August might be cutting it a little fine... but I can safely say that this little calendar quilt is actually only two years late! ha ha ha

The other months are almost there. Appliqué is stitched... rather beautifully I might add... the sandwiches are made too... actually, for these little quilts the pattern has you 'bag out' so... all that's left to do is quilt them and stitch up the little opening I had to leave to be able to turn them through... oh... and March... I still have to do a 'March'... there's ages yet though... now how many times have I said that? Answers on a Postcard!! he he he
Since today is September we are going to have a first Thursday of a month so  there's an SPQ meeting this week... They made a few very smart changes to the website... take a looky!!
It's my turn to take a table top shop this time so... if you're going and you need me to take anything in particular... just email or call me... happy to help!

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