Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Stitching News

Gail's quilt starts us off tooting for fabulous and finished quilts.
This pattern was in a recent magazine. Gail spotted the Lewis and Irene fabrics on sale in my trolleys at only £6.00 per metre, the colours and designs were perfect so... the deal was done!
 Hasn't it turned out great!! 
This is the back of Gail's quilt, as you can see she made it for Bella
Toot toot toot Gail, your quilt is fabulous... and finished
Keep that fanfare going because PM Pam finished things too. This delightful bag, pattern also from a magazine, has been made with a Charm Pack... coincidently, Pam had the exact one they used in the magazine which made her very happy.
A little piece of Cherry fabric, purchased in my very own quilt shop made a perfect accompaniment to that lovely Charm selection...
Looky-Looky-Looky! A draw string topped bag...
I love this way of 'topping a bag' and what a stroke of luck for Pam that I have a lovely selection of Baker's Twine to choose from, ha ha ha... 
toot toot toot Pam
Another fabulous and finished fanfare for PM Pams lovely Hexagon cushion.
Pam declared that she will, most definitely, be making more. It's great to have a portabubble, hand project on the go and Hexagons are perfect for that!
Maid Marion arrived with a pile of Teddy pictures, cut from some old fabric, wanting to know what we could suggest to use them up. We tried all sorts of ideas and the 9-Patch won the day. This top was started at Friday quilt club last week and already is needing to be sandwiched. 
Lovely Lyn is working on several projects at the same time.
  This lovely pattern is Owlie from Kids Quilts. It's all done except for one bird beak that seems to have been missed, then it will be made into a sandwich
New Sue decided to give herself a challenge... The strips for these blocks were 1 1/4" wide, which means they finish with 3/4" squares... the smaller the unit... the more accuracy is required... our New Sue... is very, very accurate!
How cute-e-tty-cute is this??... my goodness the quilting and stitching magazines are giving us some great patterns of late aren't they? Giggly Gillian made this beauty with hand stitchery and with Hexagons... she's turning it into a lovely cushion.
Fruity Rose started a beginner class a few weeks ago but decided to make her Railfence table runner a little bit longer... a little bit??? It's quite lovely and will match Rose's room perfectly... that's one big party table eh! This then, is the sandwich... more of a French Stick I think!! he he he

Remember I told you about my new Batik fabrics arriving? 30 I predicted... well, 40 bolts arrived!! Beautiful Bali Batik Hand Dyes, wonderful at £10.00 per metre and Ooooh, so fantastic are the colours... but 
Where will I put them?? Thank goodness for my little trolleys!!

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