Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Stitching News

Merrily grabbed an early moment, before the other ladies arrived for class, to use four tables to spread out all three thirds of her memory gifting quilt... it's another huge quilt made very manageable by the rather fabulous, apartment quilting method.

Di Butterfly spent her stitching day quilting. She was finding it tricky to stitch in the ditch so we moved the needle over so that she had an edge to follow... that might not make sense to you but I say... thank goodness for machines that allow us to move the needle position left and, more importantly... right!

Brenda Barbara proudly held up her bed runner quilt. Toot toot toot Brenda it is fabulous. Crisp and clear colour choices all beautifully pieced, there's fabulous free-motion quilting too
This is the back of Brenda's bed fabulous and finished runner...
it calls for double sided tooting, I hope you can see the quality quilting...
Josie is back from her travels with many projects needing to be finished.
She decided to appliqué her Tumbling Blocks using red thread with a chunky blanket stitch... it looks great!

We had two new, want-a-be quilters join us. They had been searching the wonderful internet  (as would I if it would stay connected!) and watching You Tube (don't you love YouTube?) and felt the urge to try the Split 9-Patch... so we did.
First we covered accurate and skilful cutting... and closing the blade!
They mastered the scant quarter inch seam... and understood the need for it, followed by stitching their 5 inch squares together then.... they chopped them up so we  could mix them up and Voila!

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