Sunday, 14 September 2014

Stitching News

Princess Jackie does the most beautiful appliqué.... you've probably noticed already. This pattern was inspired by a piece of fabric... Jackie traced the little design elements then took them to  the library to be blown up. What a lovely quilt centre! what a great idea... The beautiful quilt will be part of a fundraising auction, we can bid too!
Rose spent her day quilting... She is stitching in the ditch and for Rose, 'steady eddy' is the only way... it might take quite a bit longer but the results are worth it. Rose is making this quilt to be raffled as a fundraiser, so we get to purchase tickets if we would like the chance to win.
Gail had a tricky job putting her strips together... those little white sashings had to line up you see, they can cause a little stress but Gail wasn't phased at all... well.. just a little maybe... again, it will be worth all the effort... what a lovely quilt!
Lovely Lyn joined us after a short dressmaking course absence, he he he
See, the beauty of quilt making is that they don't have waists and bust measurements to be fitted to!!! ha ha ha This poor neglected quilt came back to life... taa daaaa
Just Jan's carpet quilt is coming along a treat.
On the floor here for auditioning what happens next...
What a great, fun way to invent your very own design!

Mara had been watching 'how to make triangles' on YouTube but decided to come along to class to pick up a few top tips for success before tackling them.
She went home well educated and very inspired.
These HST's will be turned into a Nappy holder (Diapers)
This is another of Princess Jackie's works of art...
 These absolutely fabulous fun fish will be used for the borders of...
This quilt centre... oooo's and ahhhhh's are quite commonplace in my little classroom when Jackie shows us what she's working on. This gorgeous quilt will also be part of Jackie's fundraising Auction... I'm not sure when it is, Maybe I will get more details soon.
It's cute-e-tty cute... don't you think?

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