Monday, 20 October 2014

It Is, What It Is...

And it is... chit chat. 
A very 'up and down' week in Angie's Patchwork And Quilting Shop. There's been very little time for photo taking, you probably noticed by the lack of posts this week... that and I keep running out of time to write posts... there is so much inspiration in blog-land right now... I am getting lost clicking from here to there and the clock whooooshes the time away, how very selfish of me isn't it... don't answer that! My 'I want to make that' list is getting oh soooooo long... 
We've had delivery after delivery of fabric... and you know we ran out of shelf space months ago... I've spoken with The Wonderful Wood Guy... more trolleys will be produced and delivered to help out... but heaven knowns where I will put them! Pictured are just a few of the new Art Gallery fabrics that came in, there are a few others mixed in as this is the result of a fun project selection session.
 We have workshops booked for the next few Saturdays and there are many projects coming to the sandwich point so, Wednesday has temporarily become a sandwich day... This one is a commission that Christabelle is working on... it's huge!

Sheila came to the Foldy Fun workshop with Jenny Barlaston on Saturday... Look at this paper carrier bag she used for her bits and bobs... it's from John Lewis... almost makes me want to go purchase something... just for the bag!! But no, I shall have to be happy to add it to my 'I want to make that' list... it's just a few triangles after all!

So, chit-chat time is done... I have a shop with a fully booked classroom to open up... I'd better get going!
The 10% discount off Christmas Themed fabrics is going to have to continue in my very own shop for the time being... I need those shelves for other gorgeous fabrics... lick-e-tty split!!! ha ha

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