Thursday, 2 October 2014

Stitching News

Monday Sheila finished her quilt top... made from a delightful Moda Layer Cake it turned out beautifully... don't you think?
You can make quite a large quilt with a Layer Cake actually. Sheila's quilt will fit a single bed with plenty to hang over the edges, what a luxury!
Jean Bean is adding border Daisiez to her Stargazy Daisiez quilt, in between playing shop that is (pattern by Jan Mullens) Jean opted to use a lovely daisy fabric in between each whacky daisy block... looking lovely.

Christabelle is making festive gifting projects. have you made a start yet?
These little quilted squares will be turned into lovely little fabric trays... such a lovely idea. Christabelle calculated that, with clever cutting, she can make two from two Quilter's Quarters
PM Pam has two babies on the way... one of each colour so, she wants to make quilts for them... to play on of course, so they will be play mats... ha. These little blocks look easy, and they are... but, as Pam discovered... they need you to be very accurate if you want 'things' to line up... Pam has been challenged! he he he
Annbacan loves to do her cutting in my classroom. She 'Kits' a project or two so that she can sew in a smaller space at home. This pile is a kit for another Large Reversible Bag. Ann has made about, approximately, slightly guessing... 55 since her first workshop with Sue.
Lady Judith wanted to play and make a Liberated block... no pattern and not worrying about pointy-points or perfect junctions... sounds like a lot of fun eh! She was happy with the result which will be turned into a gifting surprise... 
Annbacan had made these blocks towards a quilt for her sister, many years ago... unfortunately, and very sadly, her sister had a fatal accident before Ann finished the quilt. No surprise that Ann put the blocks away, not knowing what to do with them. Recently, Ann has mentioned the blocks several times so, after a little encouragement... we have her sashing, quilting and preparing to finish the quilt... the beautiful appliqué blocks will be joined after quilting... apartment-ly.

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