Saturday 25 October 2014

Stitching News

I think someone must have cast a spell on people... seems everyone wants to learn to sew and to make quilts... what's going on??
"Yippeeee" I say excitedly... the "dark side" will burst at the seams at this rate... BUT... we're not worried, we shall just prettily patch those seams back up... so that's not going to cause a problem!!!
"Come on over" that's what I have to say!!! How lucky are they that I have a beautiful Quilt shop full of fabulous fabrics and notions to help their new found addiction?? Answers on a post card please!
 New Sheila's Railfence Table Topper... my most favourite beginner project.
So much can be learned from making this simple and extremely forgiving design. Sheila chose Christmas-sy fabrics which always look fabulous...
Sandwich made means it's time for quilting.
Plain Jane, because I kept calling her Julie she said "It's Jane, Plain Jane" is also a beginner. This is a mother and daughter team... they have a lovely time stitching and learning together... They have a family of sandwiches to quilt!
Lorna, also a beginner making a Railfence Table Topper but on a different day, chose to use festive fabrics too. How lucky for everyone that Festive fabrics... in my very own quilt shop, still have 10% discount!!
Peggy finished her Quick Table Topper... this project is always popular in my very own classroom... it's easy and really quick to make... maybe not the first one but after that... an hour or so for each one?
This is the back of Peggy's Quick Table Topper... one of my most favourite fabric designers, Martha Negley, designs some of the most beautiful fabric... L-O-V-E IT
Another beginner, Brenda. She didn't want to make a Railfence Table Topper because she saw this Quick Table and wanted one for her very own self... actually... it will be gifted to a special friend. Brenda sandwiched and quilted and almost had the binding on by the end of class.

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Arco Iris a Metro said...

miss ya! wish you could visit once in a while. REALLY, REALLY, glad things are going great at that end.