Saturday, 17 October 2015

I Would Like To Invite You...

To a private viewing... 
How exciting would that be? Very!!!
My very own shop is available for you to book for your stitching group to come for a wander and a private ponder on Wednesdays.
Sometimes it's fun to go out with your group and take a road trip to somewhere different, don't you think?
If you've already been to my little shop and you would like to come with a group of friends, you could book a Wednesday to have my shop to your very own selves.

I have a vast collection of beautiful cotton fabrics, threads, waddings, haberdashery, books and all.
Refreshments could be arranged, morning coffee or afternoon tea, while you shop.
If you would like a little demonstration, I am sure I could help with that too.
Would you prefer an evening for private viewing? We can do that any day of the week actually...

This is my email address
All you have to do now is ask your stitchy friends when they would like to come.... then email or call to book your private viewing.
There you go, consider your very own self invited!!

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