Thursday, 8 October 2015

Stitching News

Christabelle embroidered this Hexagon design whilst on a recent jolly-holiday... We stitchers will find a way and do it anywhere! ha ha ha. On her return came the question "What could I do to make it larger?" Well now... you purchase lovely fabric from my very own shop Chris. Lots of different ones, the Dutch Chintz will look great! How about finishing it with that lovely linen mix from Moda... done deal... doesn't it look wonderful... Those Dutch fabrics all love playing together.
AnnBacan had a question... I want to use these fabrics to make a cushion, 22" in size, like your Taster Day For Beginners cushion... can we do that? Of course we can... A little thought, a few ideas, then.... mathemisms done... cutting sorted... stitching and seam ripping done... one happy Annbacan!
Just Edna, "I want to make two stockings today, how do I do it? I would like to do Quilt-As-You-Go"... Well Edna, you draw a stocking shape onto your wadding then go strippy mad with your walking foot. Cut a lining and 'Bob's Your Uncle'... she went home with two complete, a happy Edna!
Princess Jackie rarely needs help with applique projects... My goodness, she could probably teach me a thing or two! ha ha ha... Look at this wonderful Wall Hanging from the book Welcome To The North Pole... there is so much cute little detail... I helped with the border questions though....
Rose, She Of Scone Fame... has been working on her English Paper Pieced (EPP) Hexagons for approximately 2 years, we calculated. It's now the size she wanted to get to... beautiful stitching! So the question is, "What do I do with it now? How do I finish it?" Well, there are many methods... we discussed a few. Next week we will tackle the mathemisms.
"I need a few fast to make quilts, I have these two panels, can you help?" Of course... I am feeling very helpful!!...come up to my very own shop! ha ha ha. Jackie had this panel ready for sandwiching Lick-ett-split! You can't get much faster projects than pre printed panels... though we do have a great selection of fabulous and already finished quilts for sale!! 
These Dresden Plate cushions of Krafty Karen's are beautiful... Using my wonderful Linen mix fabric from Moda just adds extra scrumptious-ness. Appliqued using a perfect King Tut thread colour (I have them all in stock... we love them!) Karen had lots of questions, especially how to do the centres, which is not a problem at all... I was very helpful because I know how to do that...
New Sue is making another What Colour Is An Elephant quilt using the Jen Kingwell pattern... I have loads of them in stock in my very own shop!! Sue didn't need my help this week, she's made this project before you see... but I did help her have a lovely day, I hope!

Gail needed a little helpful advice... sometimes we all chime in!!!
The thing is... when you know how to do something... especially quilters I find... you just want to help other people... tell them what you would like to do
Several ideas might be discussed and, mostly, they are all helpful... then you can make a good choice of what you really want to do... see... we switched Gail's blocks around a few times to help her decide on a layout for her Bow Tie blocks
It's quite amazing how fast everyone disappears when it comes to the mathemisms though, those questions always seem to be mine to answer!!!
There isn't a lot of structure to our classroom time... we go with the flow... you work on whatever you want to and I do my very best to help you enjoy the process. Anyone there on the very same day will also pick up those top tips, we don't keep them secret... quilters love sharing their knowledge!!! It's just sharing my fabric I have a problem with, he he he he

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