Thursday, 15 October 2015

Stitching News

Rose finished her large and lusciously luxurious cushion
What a beauty it is too. There's a mix of stunning silk fabric, that's what gives the depth, and cotton fabrics to set them off fabulously... Toot toot toot Rose
PM Pam had the festive bug... as do many others. This Christmas Tree always pleases, it's just up the festive street... Pam's made a cushion with hers... toot toot toot Pam
Brenda Barbara found the pattern in one of her books It's from this book
We always love it when customers come back to show us what they made with their cotton purchases... And they get a toot toot toot fabulous and finished fanfare too...
In my world... every finished project should be celebrated!!!
You have actually been introduced to Angela's Diamonds In The Sky quilt before, it was a Tula Pink Kit (we actually have some in stock!!!)... but now it is a special guest in my very own classroom... we can all have a good long look at it...
pop over if you have time...
There used to be an ironing board here!!
I am so out of space in my little shop... all of these quilts are now for sale...
I can no longer keep hoarding everything that either My Mum Gwynneth or my very good self make... We might drown in quilts at his rate!!
What a way to go!!!!!

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