Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Stitching News

Our Sheila is making a Hedgehog... fun eh...
I was shocked when I picked him up...
that's one heavy little critter!
Steph was ready to make a sandwich...
then remembered that she had to stitch round the shapes first...
She is loving applique!
Brenda Barbara spent her day quilting.
She got it all finished and now there's just crusts to trim
The binding fabric has been auditioned too, ready for next time.
Jeannette Dilly started a fabulous new project
She loves a challenge, you must have noticed already.
This is a challenge for sure... Colour order and cutting accuracy, a must.
Christabelle needs a toot toot toot fanfare
Her fabulous and finished embroidered table topper with strippy binding
What an excellent finish against the lovely Linen blend!
Carol arrived and chose border fabrics...
She was very excited with her fabric choices
And no wonder... They are perfectly perfect!
Milly had made a tester block or two before starting her latest project.
Happy with the results she's now on a new patchwork mission
Easier to follow instructions when the colours are similar
Jenny Barlaston helped Janice with colour order for her fabrics
It's tricky when the design is the same.
These rectangles will be made into the 
front and back of a bag, .
Raise your trumpets.... It's tooting time...
Steph finished this fabulous lap quilt in good time...
It's a secret though, so don't go telling anyone about it. 
That was news in brief after my last few rabbiting posts eh!!

I have taken delivery of an enour-mouse amount of new fabrics, mostly Art Gallery, My Favourite!!! 
There's a bunch from Moda too, including Moda Bella Solids... at £8.00 per metre they are excellent quality and great value... I have a gazillion-billion different colours to choose from... did you know that?
The shelves are packed a little too tight with bolts... don't worry though, we will hep you pull 'em out to look!!... and we will put them all back for you... great customer service... like the good old days eh!!
Trolleys are full and piled up... looks a little scruffy to be fair but it creates  even more choosing fun actually!! ha ha ha

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