Thursday, 7 January 2016

Rose's Stitching News

Rose was delighted to have finished this quilt, It's a beauty and it's the largest one she's ever made... there will not be another one quite this size for a long while... at least... that's what she said, we will have to see. It is beautiful isn't it. Rose loves choosing fabrics and it's plain to see, she has a talent for it.
 Toot toot toot Rose, fabulous and finished... what an achievement!!!
See this sandwich... Yup it belongs to Rose too... and it's not exactly small is it! OK it's not as big as the fabulous finish above but hey... It's still a good size.  The Hexagons made with English Paper Piecing (EPP) that's when to tack the fabric over paper shapes before you join them together... a beautifully tranquil pastime!
Rose has decided to hand quilt this one... with the lovely Perle Cotton and Big Stitch quilting... this is a great time of year to have a hand quilting project... You can tell everyone that you are multi-multitasking...  keeping your knees warm, watching the TV, talk to the family and drink tea, while you merrily stitch away the evening!...
Oh yes, you are allowed to do it any time...
but Rose will multi-multitask in the evenings.

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