Monday 25 January 2016

Stitching News

Just Jan's paper doodle, the one I showed you last week, is almost a quilt top... and you know what... it looks just like the paper doodle. Jan brings her project carefully pinned to a sheet, what a very clever idea... she spreads it out and carries on stitching where she last stopped.

Fruity Rose decided to do free-motion, curly-whirly, sheepish, woo-lish doodles to make her sheep look more sheep-y. After a very short practice on a drawn sheep shape she did it, she did them and all three sheep looked great! I bet Rose will free motion a bit more often now...

AnnBacan has a little girl to make a gifting quilt for.... There must be pink and there must be grey... and it must use the two Fat Quarters Ann won in the Christmas Party Daft Game... Licketty-split... we designed a pink and grey quilt! I tell you, the customer service we provide is top notch!!

Oooooh Brenda Barbara's still Goosing... they look great don't they.... and now she makes them look easy, which they are! I asked Brenda how many more Geese and how many blocks she planned... lots! that's all she knows, she needs lots!

Our Sheila had laid out her fabrics at home then numbered them to keep the right order, it works for some but not for others... I am hopeless at following numbers!! Hopefully, the quilt will have shading from light to dark, diagonally... or dark to light if you stand at the other end!! he he

Farmer Lynda also continues with her Goosing... Quilting the blocks as she goes so that they can be joined apartment-ly... Lynda is going off on an exciting, sideways journey with her colour scheme... not shown here though... I'll try to snap a piccy next time.

Great progress has been made by All Day Di... lot's of people are watching how this lovey and colourful project is coming along... fabric books make great gifts don't they... 

Sister Susie had finished her quilting at home so there was just the binding to be sorted out. This is a double sided quilt so the colour was extra important... I had the perfect shade, how about that!!!
It was all machined on with lovely mitred corners, ready for hand stitching.

Fiona Too played with applique. She's making a nappy bag and this cute little rocking horse is on the panel at the top... it's ready for stitching... which I think will be done with blanket stitch...

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