Thursday 14 January 2016

What's Goin On???

The first thing you need to look at... is the clock!
Now then, this was Monday morning... Jean Bean rarely gets her sewing machine out of her trolley bag until lunchtime... on a normal Monday that is. My shop opens at 9:30am, classes start at 9:15am... can you see? It's only 7 minutes past 9 and Jean is sewing!!! There's my cup of coffee... much needed as I waited for the day to start... no one else had arrived yet... I couldn't believe it when I heard Jean's machine start sewing... I am still in shock in fact!!! ha ha ha... apparently, her Hubby had made some comment about there not being many blog posts about Jean's stitching... and she thought.... I'll show him!! She showed all of us... we will recover soon enough... don't go worrying!!! ha ha ha

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Maggi said...

And, as a bonus, she gets to spread out too the table next to her as well.