Friday, 17 March 2017

Angie's Patchwork And Quilting Shop And Google

I've been getting my shop organised and looking great (greater than usual) because I was cajoled into booking a Google Virtual Tour with the Cube people... It sounded such a good idea, 3 months ago! 
As the date came closer I went into a bit of a melt down... thinking my shop wasn't good enough for this, not big enough, not smart enough, not light enough and the rest... but it was too late, the tour was booked and paid for, and it was going to happen... 
It was time to advertise my shop!! 
We thought it was fun actually... Here's how it was when The Cube arrived...

It's quite an ugly building from the outside actually, it's a rented and it is, what it is!
Jean Bean made it look wonderful with her pot planting
She even brought down a beautiful quilt to dress my entrance

Step through the door and look left towards my counter

Walking  forward and look left again
Lovely eh!!!!

Christmas Corner and the Bit's And Bobs Wall
See I draped quilts over the radiator!

Grey's and Black fabrics with beautiful quilts and cushions
All perfectly placed...

See how sunny it was on the day!
Perfect weather for great light... dazzling light even!
A cushion on every chair....

View from Grey and Black corner looking toward the shop (well, when I say shop I mean the bit that started as the shop when I first opened... it spread a bit! ha ha ha
I don't know that lady... She was an imposter!!!

View from wadding corner shows one side of the classroom... set to look like we had chucked people out from their sewing for the picture! ha ha ha

Standing in front of classroom window looking right to the other side with the clock showing it was almost 2:30pm... I was ready just in time for the Cube photographer to come at 3pm
That Lady was determined to be in my pictures, who the devil is she?

I can't wait for you to see what they did...
They made my shop look wonderful... even more wonderful I mean!
It will take approximately one month to do their bit... apparently they SEW the pictures together!!! Then the Virtual Tour will be ready for you to play with...
Of course I will tell you when it is ready, I can't wait to share it!
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Unknown said...

Hi Angie the the shop is always wonderful its great to see all the lovely quilts and cushions on display. It is your sparkling wit that keeps us coming back again and again not to mention all the lovely fabrics you have to tempt us with.