Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Stitching News

This isn't quite a toot toot toot ready quilt,,, Norma got her binding made and stitched on then bundled the project into her bag... hand stitching binding can be done at home! So, then she started to sew a few more beautiful Batik strips sets together for her Hidden Wells

Batik beauties for Carol too... she's been making the blocks for this project for a few weeks, falling in and out of love with them and not being able to settle on the final layout... Taaaadaaaa the hurdle has been jumped over... now what will Carol do in her borders... I hope it's not another high hurdle?

Brenda Barbara decided to make a few small projects to give to help the Church Raffle... I think it was a church anyway...Quick Table Toppers are perfect... Twin Table Toppers? Even better... can you see that they are exactly the same and a little bit different... at the very same time! ha ha ha

If you've been to my very own shop you would probably have noticed that I pretty much live in my various Sew Me Something, Kate Tunics... Comfort! Colour! Super Easy! Quite smart? We are running a little Kate Tunic making gathering soon... Jean Bean and Carol are preparing.

Just Edna needed to make a further 20 arcs when I took this picture... she made a further 10 during Monday and I'm sure she might well have all 28000 made by now! Have you done them Edna? She's threatening to need help with the curved piecing when she gets back from her caravaning... I might have to retire while she's away!!

Toot toot toot time!! Fruity Rose made a round patchwork cushion with the left over Charm Squares... the back has a visible... yes, I said 'VISIBLE' zip... on purpose! A truly fabulous finish Rose.

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