Friday, 24 March 2017

Stitching News

Having made two of our beginner cushions, Judy wanted to make another but fancied 'having a go' at triangles and maybe applique... this cushion has both so she was very content... and more important... it's a fabulous and finished project... toot toot toot

Judy wondered what would happen if she stitched her left over bits together... 4-Patch units! A lovely table centre, lick-etty split.... Top Tips have been acquired and Faux Piped Binding had been decided upon... this lady is hungry for new stitchy-skills!!

Our Brenda Barbara finished her free motion, with meander-wiggling, quilted Waistcoat in the very pretty Tilda fabrics. It's a perfect addition to Brenda's wardrobe with our chilly mornings! Toot toot toot Brenda, it's another fabulous finish xx

Brenda Duck also had a fabulous and finished project... this quilt turned out to be twice as large as our original plan... but Brenda is happy about that now.  here's a picture of the back...

See the cute little patch to the right... they're the two blocks Brenda had left over from making the front... we waste nothing!!! ha ha ha Fabulous diagonal quilting lines... Toot toot toot Brenda Duck

Lady Judith held up her two fabulous and finished baby play mats... And oh so very cute they are too... and both are patterns from the very same book... one Judith has used over and over making it excellent value. 

Both baby play mats (they are a bit like quilts really) have hand embroidered detail too, like eyes and smiles...  The two quilts have the same block setting but they look so very different, don't you agree? Toot toot toot-etty-toot toot Lady Judith

This is Alison's first ever quilt sandwich... unless you count the eighteen inch cushion front as her first that is... I did explain as she planned her project that it would be large and could be tricky to quilt... nerves of steel? ha ha ha... too late now... it's about 96 inches square!!!

Rose was super excited to get her Hare sandwich made...
The ideas for the quilting are just bursting to be done... as you know from previous projects, Rose likes to do 'winging it' quilting... including free motion free wheeling winging, it's her speciality... I think there will be a little Walking Foot stabilising stitched first though...

Kate's Lynda finished one of her quilt tops made with the lovely panel pictures that caused a little excitement last time I showed you a picture. I asked for more detail for you... Lynda purchased the fabric from Uttoxeter Quilt Show about two years ago, maybe more... not that that will help any of you find it I guess.

Merrily had all  nine of her Block Of The Month project blocks almost complete so we got to see them laid out, fabulous arent they!.. then they were sandwiched and quilting commenced. Merrily incorporated many of her own elements to her blocks... which is exactly what teacher Angela wanted the ladies to do.  

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