Friday 2 November 2018

Kate's Compass Quilt

Kate asked a family member what design might they like if she were to make them a quilt... Always a risky question, in my opinion, Ha!!!... and it was... Said family member flicked through the internet and settled on a Mariners Compass... I rest my case... just don't ask!!! 

Rising to the challenge and using the beautiful and bright floral fabric as the starting block, Kate just got on with it... deciding on the border designs as she stitched, which is a method Kate uses a lot! It's sideways on in my photo as the quilt is quite enormous and I didn't have any quilt holder-uppers tall enough to help hold it the right way up...

With a backlog of large quilts to be sandwiched and quilted Kate decided to have this one professionally Long Arm quilted by Amanda with this simple wave design. After hand stitching the 3 miles of binding, Kate is about to proudly gift this beauty to its new owner... Toot toot toot Kate, it is a fabulous finish indeed. 

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