Thursday, 1 November 2018

Merrily's Tea Towel Quilt

Now this is a fabulous finish.... 

For hundreds of years, Merrily has been collecting Tea Towels... they were to be memories from her various travels and memorable events in the UK. Of course some of the collection had been gifted to her by family members from their very own travels. Merrily decided that the collection needed to be used up... No point having all those wonderful memories folded up in a draw. Quilt-As-You-Go and Apartment joining with the addition of that beautiful Batik Hand Dye fabric has made such a wonderful , memory filled project.  

Fussily cut Tea Towels have been used for the backing too. We all spent quite a while listening to Merrily's tales "This one was from here... That one has a funny story, Oh yes and  this one was...."
It's a truly fabulous and finished quilt. Toot toot toot-etty-toot Merrily.

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Unknown said...

What an amazing quilt!