Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Stitching News

Merrily brought in a big bag full of favourite, well worn T-Shirts, not hers though, they belong a family member, they are extremely precious! they will be a quilt... but the owner doesn't know!!! Making a loose starting plan... this is only the start!

New Sue finished her lovely and quite 'girly' Unicorn cushion top. 
Each one of the Unicorns is so different...
Elizabeth Hartman's top selling pattern in my little shop!

Gail continues with her Princess block production. All the little cuties are having their characters put on now, with the smiles and eyes... Hand Stitching I think. Gail has been making 4-Patch units and flower applique blocks to be used in her borders.

Luna Twerly has a little neighbour who's company she enjoys immensely. She helped out his Mummy during Half Term by offering to mind Little Neighbour. To entertain him one day, they baked... A LOT ! Luna made him this little cooking apron. How Cute is that!! 

Lots of stitchers, including Sister Sue and Fiona Too, are realising that it's almost sewing prevention season...   YES...   Just now, only now....  realising that time is running out! Tisk!!! This smart and festive Bunting Cushion has been a popular make during the year

It's quite a quick make really as the applique stitching is done through the wadding/sandwich so no need to go round the letters twice... nifty plan eh! Not only that... there's no need to finish off all those ends too neatly as they will be hidden inside the cushion.

Enid loves to stitch applique with Blanket Stitch. She's happily-happy with her improvement of accuracy and is really getting to grips with fabric and colour selection... it's great stitching with a group as seeing other folk's choosings can be very inspiring.

All Day Di started yet another project... Look at those fussy-fun-faffing Holly leaves... having cut the leaf pattern through the middle, Di was able to get a great effect with the fabric's printed stripes.

Beryl is stitching the last few quilting lines on her almost 2 mile long, Festive gifting table runner. She's used quite a lot of metalic thread so the stitching shouts out Happy Holidays!!! well... it does to me... If you can't Bling-Up at Christmas... When can you?

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