Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Stitching News

A Party of Princesses? Gail is working on the borders now so this will soon become a Princess sandwich with flower garnish... sounds delicious! oh dear... I must be hungry as I write... ha ha ha

Pam's used a beautiful King Tut, variegated thread and a fancy stitch to embellish the mane on this next Unicorn, making it very magical indeedy. Stars will be quilted on the starry background next.

Christabelle had warm knees... with this method of Apartment Quilting you can choose whether to machine stitch or to do it by hand... most people choose hand stitching, I thought that was to be more accurate and to give fudging space but now I think it's to keep warm!

Princess Jackie decided to make up her own patterns for two Advent Calendars. We had a bit of a brainstorming session which involved making a practice pocket or two... I don't know where the storm went but we ended up with single pockets and a completely different plan ha!

Hilary Hat has been playing with applique... what a cute little puddle duck who only needs a couple of little embellishments, like an eye maybe? This block will be made into a cushion for a special gift... Hilary has plans for many more applique cushions

At the very same time, Hilary Hat is working on this Twister Wreath. She had no idea how it was made but had decided it looked really complicated... now she knows just how easy the Twister method really is.

Enid's table looked like a play school crafting morning.... Lots of tracing and gluing and cutting out. She has seen Farmer Lynda working on her Birds On A Wire quilt and just wanted one for her very own self... and so she will.

Sister Susie continued blanket stitching her applique letters with metallic thread. It's beginning to look a lot like a fabulous festively Christmassy cushion now eh!

And Fiona Too was stitching with metallic thread... it makes the cushions look  much more festive... If you can't add bling for Christmas... when can you?

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