Monday, 5 November 2018

Stitching News

Our Monday Sheila is a character. She makes an incredible amount of stock to sell for various charities and always has lots of stitching requests to help others. At the moment though, she's making a new, reversible coat, all for her very own self. It's fun watching it come together and to see steam coming from Sheila's ears... she's having to follow a pattern and that's just not her chosen style!!

Carol has finished all the big jobs on her Mandy Shaw, festive wall hanging. There are little doo-dads to still to be made... as you can see there's plenty of hand stitching. The doo-dads will be used to embellish the tree I think... it's already very busy, but if you can't bling up Christmas projects.... !

Annbacan works on several projects all at the very same time and in inbetweenies, she makes these Mile-A-Minute blocks. Always a riot of colours and great fun to fill in little stitchy gaps of time.

Susan finished all the quilting in just one day! She chose to shadow quilt the diamonds with co-ordinating threads... It looks really good... purple-y going one way and rich turquoise going the other way... what a great idea! Wonder who came up with that? ha ha ha

Jean Bean has whipped up another of her favourite quilts. This Henry Glass fabric couldn't make it any simpler for us. I managed to get another bolt, much to Beano's delight! I don't think this quilt is for Andrew though... he has to wait a little tiny teeny weeny bit longer.

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