Monday 22 April 2024

Quilty Quarters

A couple of years ago I made a Scandinavian Tomte Quilt. I wrote a blog post about it, My first Tomte Quilt if you click the link, it should get you to the blog-post about it. Ever since I gifted the quilt I had wanted to make another, for my very own self! I do that you know, ha!

This is it. It is no longer crispy white though! there are 2 lively kiddos in that house, why ever would it still be white!! I had used the left over triangles from making the trees to make the fabulous border, but I definitely didn't want to mathemise all that again. It was a bit tricky.

So for this next quilt I used the left over triangles to make a few bonus blocks to be used on the backing. Much, much easier! Then I rooted in the Christmas fabric box for the rest of the backing fabric, I have amassed lots over the years, as you do!

I trimmed my trees down to 3 triangles each.
 I like Three's for my trees.... see that? Poetry!!!
I made a sandwich ages ago, last year in fact but I had lost my sewing 'thing', Mojo?
I only started quilting it a couple of weeks ago.

Tomte is so cute!!! 
He looks a bit 'Punky' with his safety pinned nose.

I quilting in the ditch of all the trees then set to with Free Motion to cover the background, the same design I stitched on the original quilt, I liked it you see. Loopy-loops with berries and Holly leaves are quite easy. Some holly leaves look troubled and some berries look like the birds got to them, but that's very typical of nature, isn't it!

There it is. Toot toot toot, fabulous and finished, finally!
Binding stitched on by machine front and back as I was just wanting to move on to my next quilt on the list. When your sewing Mojo is in the house you have to get on with it don't you

I took a photo of the back of the quilt
Thank you for popping back to check up! 
Don't you love a pieced backing, I know some people don't.
 It's a great way to use up the fabrics from your stash, those that you have no idea why you purchased them in the first place, I have an abundance of that kind!
I took the quilt to my shop to show it to a few interested quilters. 
Pop in to my shop if you want to see the quilt in real life, warts and all.

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