Sunday 21 April 2024

Stitching News

It's been a funny old week or two in my shop and classroom. There's been a lot going on. Lots of help given in my classroom with new projects and fudgery (not saying any more about quilty fudge, just know it is a very popular quilt production method often linked to PMS (pleasing my self)!)
I've had a lot of new fabrics arriving and a holy moly amount of wadding came too, goodness knows where I will put it all, again. You will think I've lost the wadding plot if you pop in, ha!

Quite a few sandwiches have been made this week. This is one of Our Pam's gifting quilts, a Trip Around The World design. A lovely photo opportunity with Pam's Savannah quilt on display as the background. It's certainly attracting a lot of attention with my customers. 

Julie is getting on very well with her new Juki DX7. This lovely Railfence sandwich is her latest project and the first one to be quilted with all the extra throat space the Juki has. The Railfence design is very good for perfecting your cutting skills and even more so for straight line stitching, ask Julie! 

A brief post, I know. But it's there!

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