Friday 26 April 2024

Fabulous And Finished

 We need your trumpets today folks. Both Di and Bev finished their Gaming Quilts.

This one is Bev's. She purchased the pattern from Etsy after one of those Rabbit Hole days I was talking about, she was so happy to find the pattern, it's an absolutely perfect gift for a Gamer. It's fabulous and finished and, I think, it has been gifted now, it has a very cool label! Toot toot toot Bev.

When Di saw Bev working on her new project on day 1, she immediately chose fabrics to make one for her very own self, for gifting of course. Di chose slightly different colours, I'm sure you have noticed that! Toot toot toot Di, a fabulous finish too.

A brief post, but still a post, I'm on a roll!!!
I'm of to open my lovely, very well stocked, little shop now.

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