Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

This is Annie Pie's Bargello, wow these ladies are turning out some lovely Bargellos... every one looks completely different with every one just as stunning as the next. Annie has already chosen fabrics to make a second one, rich plums and blues... can't wait to see how that turns out. I heard whisper that she might even attempt the Scrappy Bargello with the pattern over on Quiltville... one of my most favourite scrappy quilts to make.
Marisabel and lovely Lyn joined us at the Quilt Cave because there wasn't a class at Uttoxeter this week... These ladies have fallen for Patchwork and Quilting, Hook, Line & Sinker ( another strange saying eh!)... Lyn continued to work on her Log Cabin quilt, it's almost ready to be sandwiched. Marisabel chose fabrics to make a Bargello of her own, she brought in a few fabrics and she found the rest on my Table Top Shop, wadding on the side... with the help of yours truly.

Irene's been working on these wonderful blocks for only a couple of weeks... what a clever design. It's a sort of Log Cabin, a square wrapped only on two sides, but has the look of a rather special Rail Fence. Irene chose great colours to show off this design... don't ya think?
Wendy found a book with more Bargello patterns in it. One of which is a table runner, you can just see it in the picture I think. She cut out loads of strips and stitched them together, got in a little pickle as the design didn't work so she unpicked them all and started again. Once they were re-arranged everything worked out great, I bet it will be finished for next week.

See, I demonstrated the Bargello a few weeks ago... only Wendy wanted to make one, so she did, but the others were keeping an eye on her... Once the ladies saw how lovely Wendy's quilt was, more wanted to have a go... and so it goes... even Dotty Maureen couldn't resist. She's tried them before with written instructions, and got in a muddle... it's a very visual thing really, much easier to 'watch How to make Bargello' than to read it, even with pictures... You can see that Dotty's will look very luscious indeed!
Annie Pie is still making blocks for her Katharine Guerrier quilt, not a quilt for Katharine, he he he... one she started at the workshop at the beginning of June. We played with block placement, shuffled and switched them round until we came up with this... well, I did, Annie watched as she felt rather 'baffled by it! he he he. She then used masking tape to number all the blocks keeping them in order and requested a table be ready for next week... sandwich time!

Foxy Margaret brought this quilt in to show us that it was finished. If you remember... it started off as a table runner, you can tell by the centre eh... she wanted it a bit bigger, so added wide borders. Then she found she had lots of small pieces of orange fabric that co-ordinated well... so she went for another border.... and another. It's a lovely lap size now... Margaret is having a little dilemma, this quilt was made as a gift... but she loves it... "will it go or will it stay with Margaret?" watch this space! ha ha ha Soap Opera suspense ending for this post... da da daaaaaaaaaaa!

We meet again on Friday 19th August, 10am - 3pm as usual. More fabrics arrived for my Table Top Shop, wadding on the side... I'll have muscles like Popeye if the shop gets any bigger! See you there?

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Maggi said...

Lovely idea to turn a table runner into a quilt. It has worked so well. Bring on more of those Bargellos, I love them. Annies fabrics are gorgeous and Maureen's will give a real zing to hers. Marisabel's fabrics are also going to look great. Irene's really does look like a rail fence with cornerstones. The fabrics are so gentle. Looks like Wendy is hooked on Bargello then. Hook, line and sinker is a fishing term, instead of just taking the bait the fish takes it all, the hook, the line and the sinker (the weight) so no chance of getting away. Just like us quilters!