Sunday, 25 March 2012

Angie's Patchwork & Quilting Shop

The official opening was wonderful. I had no idea that the ladies were sneaking around behind my back and, it seems, right in front of my very own self, which shows how observant I am!
They had organised this cake to be made to help us celebrate OUR new quilt shop. I know I keep calling it My Very Own Quilt Shop but, in truth, it is Our Very Own Quilt Shop... without the support of all of the lovely ladies and occasional guys, this shop would have remained only a dream.
Thank you everyone for your wonderful support and good wishes... and thank you Dave, husband, sounding board, cleaner, transport manager, go-for, window cleaner and financial backer!!!
Good wishes to you all
Angie, she of Angie's Patchwork & Quilting Shop... woooohooooo!!!


Jill - And Sew We Go said...

What a lovely cake, I really hope your shope takes off, we could really do with something like that round this way. Good luck to you.

Jill x

Dottymo said...

The bunting and signs show all of Cheadle angie is back with her very own patchwork and quilt shop. Hope after all your own hard work you put on weight yesterday a fantastic achievement to you and the people behind covers. all my blessings for a wooooooonderful and proooooooosperous future.

Annabelle said...

The cake is fabulous, the shop is amazing and you and your ladies are wonderful - I am so happy for you.

My son opened his first (bicycle) shop last year and tomorrow (yes tomorrow) opens his second and I so know all the effort, time and money that goes into such a project.

'Surbiton Cycles' is the shops name (the site is not yet updated as he has been so busy with the shopfit) and it is slap bang in the centre of the town next to Pizza Express - his first is in a Thames Marina one mile out of town.

He has been extraordinarily successful as I am sure you will be too - expertise and love of your product equals success.

I wish you such good luck and lots of fun. xx

AlmaRosa said...

Congratulations Angie, I am so happy for you.... and for all the quilters who get to benefit from your goodies, your classes and, most of all, your friendship