Friday, 19 October 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Chris The Foot is currently the record holder at Caverswall Quilt Cave for having made the most Quick Table Toppers... she was making two at the same time this week. They will be gifted to be used as raffle prizes.

Lynda continued making these lovely Ohio Star blocks, this is another quilt that will be gifted, what a generous lot these ladies are... I keep most of my quilts, he he he

Mystery Margaret's centre has it's second border in place. We're not quite sure how many borders will be added yet, there's a plan for 4 more so far.

Lacey Ann decided not to have too many pieces in her quilt backing... yes, this is the backing for her Wonky Ballerinas... I wonder what it would have looked like if Lacey Ann had decided to use a lot of pieces for the backing?

Chatty Cathy has all of her blocks trimmed and has started joining the 4 quarters with delicious orange sashing. The 4 quarters, each with 4 kaleidoscope blocks, will be apartment quilted and joined together afterwards.

Kate provided us with a Toot Toot Toot moment. Although the binding needs a few more hand stitching minutes, this is as finished as we will see this quilt as it will be gifted very soon. Kate added buttons to some of the blocks, three generations of Mums' buttons, what a lovely idea.

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