Sunday 21 October 2012

Friday Quilt Club

Joan The Shop has returned to her fruity fish quilt... thoguh she still doesn't see why we call it a fruity fish quilt! he he he. It's another that Joan has chosen to make using the apartment quilting method as it's 'A Big Un'

Helen decided, for her very own sanity to remain at a normal level, that she needs to make a few bigger blocks, that quarter inch finished, half square triangles block got the better of her in the end. This is a 9" block, one of many to come.

Maid Marion is making this Advent calendar wall quilt in between all the technical stuff on her Heirloom quilt... she's at the quilting stage with this one.
It was a very quiet day for Friday Quilt Club, which felt a little strage... but we still put the world right, and shared a few cheeky jokes ha ha ha!

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