Tuesday 16 October 2012

Stitching News

Jean Bean sandwiched and quilted her Advent Tree, it's a very quick project to make actually... the cutting of all the bits takes time but actually piecing it all together takes only minutes, quite a lot of minutes, but not hours.

Shirley Lerly completed all the quilting on the main part of her giant quilt, the borders are almost done too. Shirley managed the quilt very well using the Juki 600 as it has a good sized hole!

Posh Lizi couldn't come to play, work has to come first I suppose .. but she did send her quilted cushion in for us all to admire, and admire we certainly did... this lovely cushion will be gifted before Lizi can come next time, she's very thoughtful... don't we all love 'show & tell'???

Ann Baker's 'not so quick, giant table runner' this measures over 2.5 metres in length by about 60cm, Jean is wondering if Ann lives in a Stately home?? We had to move lots of tables to be able to sandwich it.

Top Tips come from everyone... this one is gifted to you by PM Pam... she suggests it might be a good idea to check for pins on the back side of your project, before sewing over them.. unless you would like them so stay in as embellishment?? he he he

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