Sunday 7 October 2012

Friday Quilt Club

Late Sue added the last border to her kiddy quilt and needed to make a sandwich... as we do. There were spare tables but, in true quilting fashion, all spare tables had been covered with this and that... a little cajoling was necessary but, eventually everyone tidied up the tables for Sue to get back to work.

No-one had put anything on the spare tables next to Shirley Lerly, there was no point... each turn of Lerly's large quilt, and she's quilting using the walking foot so there was lots of turning the quilt round, knocked everything to the floor... it's coming along very nicely, don't you think?

Posh Lizi started a new project. A large cushion this time. These lush fabrics (availabubble in My Very Own Quilt Shop) made to the simple, but not so simple, Economy Patch block directions look gorgeously luxurious, fabric colours were chosen to have a Moroccan flavour... 

Helen is surprising us all, and surprising her very own self it has to be said... she 's continuing to work through the 501 block book making all 6" blocks. She even told me a huge secret.... don't tell her that I told you will you... she said she is loving all the little piecing, even the evil triangles!!!

Gail quilted round all of the circles in the border fabric. Trimmed all four crusts off, taking great care to level everything, made binding and stitched it on ready for the lovely homework job of hand stitching the binding to the back. A fabulous kiddy play mat!!!

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Sandy Panagos said...

What a talented group of quilters. Love all of the quilts!